Monday, December 27, 2010

Before South Island Tiki tour

Despite having lived in Otago for 2 years, I never got the chance to see NZ's South Island beyond the central Otago area. So when my friend Rachel told me that she was getting married in Dunedin, I thought it would be a perfect time to do a tiki tour of the south island.
Aaron and I drove down ( by this, I mean, Aaron drove all ~3k of the entire trip) to Dunedin ( a trip we have both made so many times before to see each other) so to me, it was nothing new. It was a 5.5 hours drive down and most of it was foggy and rainy. I won't go into too much about our trip to Dunedin but will show you a few photos I took along the way:

fish and chips
Fish and chips.
Yum, I've missed this. It's not the same in Australia.

foggy as!
Fog as we approach Otago.

Picture 018
Driving by tussocks and rolling grassy mountains

\knox college chapel
Knox college's Chapel.
This is where my friend Rachel got married.
In NZ, a college means either highschool or in a Uni situation, it means dormitory.

Aren't those Freshmen lucky!

light switch
We stayed at my step brother's place. The room we were in had lovely wallpaper with an old light switch.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the reception was full of eating, drinking and dancing. It makes me remember how far dispatched we all are and on these rare happy occassions (and sad ones) do we reunite.

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charinthecity said...

I do think NZ fish and chips are the best in the world. British ones just aren't the same!