Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Presents from Japan!

My mother came back from Japan just two weeks ago and she sent me a parcel of goodies! My mother has good taste but when I saw these presents, it gave me a sense of new love, how she gives me the best presents: things I never knew I loved:

A set of chopstick resters and a gorgeous tea towel:

chopstick resters+ tea towel
chopstick resters

Don't you love these chopsticks resters? If you're of chinese origin or a serious asian foodie, you'll recognize that these are actually what lotus root sections look like. They are frequently used in chinese soups. It reminds me of my childhood.


Mum also got Aaron and I this noren. Norens are traditionally placed and seen in door ways of restaurants and shops in Japan to keep out dust. Can't wait to put this beauty up in our next apartment!

and my Steven Alan dress, one word: heaven
steven alan dress the material


Camila said...

Ahe lotus root resters are so delicate and beautiful. Kinda jealous...(not that I can even use chopsticks!)

blue moss said...

what great presents. i love them!!
and your dress is so amazing

charinthecity said...

Lucky you! Although I am mostly jealous about it being warm enough where you are to wear a summer dress. Don't know whether we'll be able to meet up with your Mum and UJ yet due to the bad snow and icy weather here... I think they had a tricky time getting through Gatwick which was closed the last two days. Fingers crossed.