Sunday, March 20, 2011

A blissful week off

I've thoroughly enjoyed this entire week off and spending some quality time with my mum. I've missed her so much! While she's here, I've taken the opportunity of learning more chinese recipes and getting her to help me with a tunic pattern she bought for me from Japan. Between my very basic Katakana and her knowledge of sewing, she taught me how to sew this:

tunic collar

new tunic dress mum and i made!

Gingham tunic!!

We've had quite a few delicious meals these few days and they were all home cooked.
We even invited my cousin over for a 4 course dinner!

Aaron , Mum and Samuel.
Mum's a bit excited!!

Mum insisted that she doesn't want to do too many touristy things so really, we've just being doing things I normally do: buy food.
No one should come to Melbourne without going to Victoria Market and we took here there this Saturday.
vic market
venus fly trap
We even got a new addition to our plant family. A new venus fly trap!
They should do very well here in Australia.

Back to work this week but more art indulgence with my mum after work!

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