Sunday, March 06, 2011

One more week

So for Christmas, I got my mother a round trip ticket to come visit me here in Melbourne! I haven't seen her in over a year and since she was going to be so close in Singapore, I thought it would be lovely to have her here. I can't wait to show her around and just spend time with her!

Sassy mum!

So yes, I'm rather excited! I'm taking a week off work and on weekends we can all go out venture into the city. I seriously can't wait, I'm a total mama's gal and I've missed my mum so much since I've made the huge pacific ocean move. Plus it'll be awesome that my mum gets to know Aaron more.

Aside from all this, I've started sketching some designs I have in mind for Muntedkowhai. So I'm slowly building up pace again , keep an eye out on this space.

The other day I made snapper ceviche. Yums:
mr snapper
Snapper ceviche

and how absolutely wonderful and affordable are these handmade hammocks!!!


charinthecity said...

Wow, what an awesome Christmas present! Hope you both have a swell time. Love the hammocks, too. said...

WhoA!! That is surely a blast-from-the-past picture! Seriuosly, I can't wait to get to Melbourne next week to have some quality time with you two!! And the state of the snapper downunder looks fantastically fresh!