Monday, March 14, 2011

Our new place

It's a bit overdue but two months post moving in, our place is finally looking organized and more like home. Tomorrow my mum will be arriving in Melbourne so I've been doing a bit of cleaning and washings. I'm so excited! Here are a few photos of our new place, having a second bedroom totally rocks!

dining for two
A small cafe table for two

liqour cabinet/cook book
With no built in liqour cabinet at our new place, we have resorted to a more open option.

living room
Living room, plenty of natural sunshine.

guest room, desk
Guest room also means Tiff's semi Muntedkowhai room.
in guest room, muntedkowhai storage
new succulent, jelly bean!
A jellybean succulent plant for the guest bedroom!!

guest room
And a cozy bed for my mum!


teresa said...

Yay! Bahaha we don't have a liquor cabinet either -- in fact just set up a tray on our dining table front and centre for the booze!

charinthecity said...

Your home looks lovely... look at the sunshine pouring in!

Shaunda Devins said...

Hmm, your home is so blessed with a lot of sunshine. Well, that would be ideal for growing some house plants. You're guestroom is so cozy! Visitors would love to stay in your home with that kind of bedroom.