Sunday, May 22, 2011

A relaxing weekend

Over here in Melbourne, we had one heck of a weather weekend. On Saturday, it was gorgeous and sunny and surprisingly warm!! I went to the yarn store by our place and picked up some knitting needles and some yarn as I'm very eager to knit something for my niece that is due in September! I spent Saturday practising casting on, knit and purl stitches thanks to all the youtube videos! I find it more fiddly and my eyes are not used to counting knitting stitches yet so it's hard for me to pick up if I screwed up a stitch wrong.
Sunday, it was rainy and cloudy so Aaron and I spent the entire day in our apartment, just relaxing. We had a game of scrabble that we did not finish. Both of us got alot of vowels in the beginning of the game and then all the consonants at the end. Aaron was winning.

our sunday afternoon

new hobby

knitting is seemingly harder than crochet!

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