Monday, June 20, 2011

A new cook book

So Aaron has this propensity to cook curries. I mean, this guy loves his cumin, corriander, chillis. All the Cs. He recently ordered a 500 curry recipe book, curries from all around the world. Since it was my turn to pick a recipe, I decided that I'd take two from the book. Initially I was only going to pick the Okra and Tomato tagine but we needed meat. We're growing boys, you see. So Aaron has scanned the two recipes side to side, click on it to enlarge and pick which one you'd like to cook. Both recipes were super easy, the okra and tomato tagine took no time whatsoever! It was delicious as well!

I love okras

Oka and tomatoe tagine
spicy meat loaf with chilli and egg topping

We have guests staying the night tonight and figured we should have cooked this instead! oh well, yummy left over lunch for me!

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