Sunday, August 28, 2011


Not to jinx it, but the sun has made a most welcome presence in Melbourne the past week. All the colours pop and moods are lighter. Over the weekend, we were expecting my high school friend for a 4 night stay but due to weather problems up in Gold Coast, she was left stranded and now I have two days off for myself. It would have been fun touristing around Melbourne with Jolin but it seems like these two days will be better spent crafting.

I've been experimentating with dyes lately.

Other colours catching my eye on Etsy recently:

Spring colour earrings
Even though it is resin, this coral coloured ring is very eyecatching.
so hot right now.
These would be so easy to make!

And on the subject of dyeing, how cute are these flower press dye that the talented Tinctory has been experimentating on:

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Oooooooeeeeee... I love what the dye is doing to the material!