Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello World

Yesterday, was the first day I've stepped out of my apartment since last Wednesday. What transpired between those days has been a hellish nightmare on my lungs. I caught the flu. For normal people, flus are something you take medicine for and with time it goes away. I have asthma compounded into the equation, which means hardly any sleepy, trying not to OD on ventolin and forecasting that, respiratory failure isn't a joke! Although the fever and chills have gone, I'm still left with a really inflamed set of lungs and tiny amount of phlegm that is lodged to make my current days hell.

I have done nothing but online scrabble between naps, sleep on the couch and just curse that damn virus. Today, it's better. Yesterday was worse.

Come on full recovery!

2 comments: said...

Yes, because you have asthma, it is wise to recognize that very often fatigue and too much entertaining can easily subject you to the virus. Moderation always is the best.

charinthecity said...

Get well soon Tiff! Big hugs.