Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome back sun.

The sun has finally arrived back to Melbourne. The days are longer and warmer, making this weekend a splendid weekend just to take it easy. It's hard to find a good hairdresser and since I've moved to Melbourne, I've been hairdresser hopping but I think I've finally found a place that I'd like to go back to. Sweet Georgia Brown in Malvern on Glenferie Road, opened up 4 months ago. It has a very organic asthetic and is mostly a barber shop with vintage barber chairs and no fuss attitude. Their price is incredibly affordable at $35 for an adult cut and less for students, children etc. I like that women and men cuts are the same price, it only makes sense! I don't have a particular style in mind, I just wanted it shorter. No fancy fusses and after half an hour, I was done.

If you're anywhere near Malvern, give Sweet Georgia Brown a go!

After my haircut, we went back home and made a weather suitable light lunch. Corn chips, cumin and chilli infused prawns with fresh guacamole (Aaron had bought 1kg of avocadoes the day before). This, with our home brew, was perfect!

On Sunday, we stopped off for some beer in the sunshine after shopping on Chapel St. We scored a few jeans as the PEPE LONDON shop was closing down. Aaron bought some casual dress shoes.He is such an awkward shopper! Is every men like this? I see guys coming into the shoe store and they're by themselves and they know what they want. I didn't want to impose my taste on Aaron but he didn't really know what he wanted. After a while, we decided on a pair and now it'll be nice to see how he incorporates it into his wardrobe.

The rest of Sunday was spent experimenting with dyes and making some bands for a possible project. Here are the testing results:


hand dyed chiffon



2 comments: said...

Love the warm, soft and peachy colours. Looks like you're onto something.
He definitely needs your help! Please interfere!

charinthecity said...

Oooh, looks like fun dyeing! Loved the silk shirts you posted about a while ago, the overlaid colours are just dreamy.

Influencing a man's taste is a woman's prerogative. (-; Just saying!