Saturday, November 05, 2011

Melbourne with Jolin

Every time Jolin visits, I forget how long we've known each other and how even though we have always lived in different cities, countries, we pick up from where we left off. Could it be our similiar interests? (Food, science, shopping!) or that our birthdays are only a day apart? I don't know but I've known Jolin since I was 16, as a 6 former at Kings College up in Auckland. That's freaking 13 years ago! Whoa! Since I moved to the states, I got to meet up with her when she went to San Francisco to work for the summer. In NZ, I got to go snowboarding with her when she visited Dunedin and then we caught up in Gold Coast for a weekend away after I finished my masters. So all in all, we went to school together for 6 months and then caught up on several occassions that I can count only on one hand.

Jolin came down to Melbourne for a long long weekend and I took days off to spend time with her. You can imagine , most of our adventures is of food and I would have to say Jolin is more of a foodie as I am. (This is shown by her eating her dinner and going " Oooo, Laksa! That looks good"....after we had brutwursts.)
Here are some photos that summed up her visit:

A visit to Little Cupcake
Jolin and I with our RED VELVET mini cupcake.
(Little cupcake is still the best cupcake place in the Melbourne CBD that I've tried. The icing is SO very good)

We went to the live showing of QI with Stephen Fry and Allan Davies, they were touring Australia:
Unfortunately, they were disappointing because all the questions were the same as previous episodes on TV and the Australian guests were not funny, smart or engaging. I even fell asleep for part of the show!

After the show, we headed to Little Press for a spot of coffee and something sweet....

and Jo got to meet George Calombaris, the celebrity chef of Press Club and Masterchef.

Walking down Hosier lane and appreciating the new mural outside Movida. It is a collection of hand painted words from the artist's text message history.

A day rockclimbing, I did much better this time and actually got to achieve some walls!!

As a reward, yang tofu noodles.

The rest of the other days, we spent shopping and lazying around the house.

It was so much fun and I actually had fun discovering more of Melbourne myself!

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Don't you think you two look alike?
I can tell from the pictures that you all had fun!
Love that shot looking in from outside the cupcake shop.