Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Floral print Dr Marten

Have I been living underneath a rock? How is it that I've just stumbled upon these awesome shoes from Dr Marten?! The print collection has me swooning! I still remember when I saved up all my Chinese New Year red packet money to buy my first pair of black Dr Marten boots. It was part of our school uniform back then, so my purchase was legit. Legit. 12 years down the track, I bought myself a pair of black Ellen Dr Marten flats which I wore for a few years.
Perhaps these will usher in my third Dr Marten purchase..... Oh, did I tell you guys? I'm banning myself from internet shopping till August. (Minus shopping for a bridesmaid dress and shoes) We are saving more for a house now....


thisgoodhearth.blogspot.com said...

I like!

blue moss said...

These are all so cute...good luck with the self imposed ban!