Monday, March 12, 2012

Damn television

The other night, we were watching an Australian cooking competition show and the theme was sugar. There were desserts galore and half way through the show, I wanted a cake. We had no milk, no eggs and the best Aaron could think of was peach cobbler. Boooooo. So with the extra long weekend, I decided to do some cake making. I'm by no means a baker so when I saw this layered crepe recipe, I said, no bake? just set? let's go!

layered crepe cake

It is flippin delicious. Aaron doesn't really like it because the crepe taste like wet pastry but I do, it's the right amount of sweet and density. Each crepe is layered with whipped Grand Marnier cream and topped off with orange zest syrup. (Mine turned out marmalade like!)

All in all, a great 3 day weekend packed with an excursion to Bendigo (2 hours train ride from Melbourne), bbq in the park with friends' new dogs, yoga in the morning and spending an evening with John Cleese (we were 4 rows from the front!).

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Would flambeeing ( wrong spelling ) it before serving be an extra special treat?