Sunday, March 18, 2012

Splendid weekend

This weekend was splendid. I wanted to make this Mole Problano recipe so we decided to go to Casa Iberica in Fitzroy. Casa Iberica is a Fitzroy fixture, started and run by Jose and Alice de Sousa. It is filled with pickled green chillies, locally made chorizo picante, dried pasillas, habenaros, corn tortillas and so much more. The owners are so friendly, offering paella recipes when a lady bought a paella pan and suggesting and giving advice on ingredients.

local spanish store in fitzroy

locally made chorizo

Spicy chorizo

Sunday, we strolled Bridge Rd in Richmond because Aaron wanted to check out Bespoke, a furniture store he saw online. Bespoke is a furniture store that specialises in reclaimed timber.
The pieces there were beautiful and so wonderfully made, very solid. This is the type of furniture both Aaron and I are interested in. It may be a bit spendy to begin with but it is a solid piece, something that will last us for 20+ years. I did not take a photo in the showroom but here is a photo of a similar style table in another store:

The one at Bespoke has a thicker top.
the style of dinning table

A beautiful industrial side table, I'm not sure if Aaron is on the Industrial train.
beautiful side table

After a few furniture stores on Sat and Sun, Aaron was pretty sure he would want Bespoke to make our dining table. That won't be till end of the year and I can't wait. After all that pavement pounding, we stopped off at a pub to have lunch and watch the league. The rest of the day was spent lazying around and make the Mole:

Slow cooked beef mole

Perfect weekend!

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Oooo...the Mole looks good.
Recipe, please!
Love that old wood look and feel. The dining table will be a great hand-me-down to your kid(s) in the future.