Friday, May 25, 2012

It's been a busy 2 weeks

Our german guests have departed, after two weeks in Melbourne! I haven't seen Steffi in over 6 years so it's been quite nice catching up with her and meeting her partner. There was alot of wine, gin, food, laughter, reminiscing and enjoying each others' company. Here are some photos of their stay with Melbourne photos:

Anna, Pip and Aaron.
(will I ever get a normal photo of Aaron?)

An Otago reunion: Anna, Pip, Steffi and I enjoy a drink at St Ali.

Steffi and Marc's last night, Marc cooked us a delicious meal of Porter house steak, potatoes, salsa and mushrooms!
(Here Steffi and Aaron waits to dig into dinner!)

A happy surprise in an alley way

By my work, isn't it beautiful.

Upside down jellyfish, they're so beautiful!
Beautiful floating jellyfish a the Melbourne Aquarium.
Our first AFL game. It was packed! 80k people there and we supported Essendon since Richmond's colours are yellow and black, Marc's enemy team colours!

We also went to Chez Dre and had ourselves some afternoon treats. (Anna's raspberry cake)
Aaron and my salted caramel eclair and lemon meringue tart.
Beautiful Melbourne, the Windsor hotel in it's glory.

It was fun seeing everyone again, now it's time for loads and loads of laundry and cleaning!

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