Monday, August 20, 2012

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Well, ever since we've gotten back from our holiday, we have been jam packed crazy busy. Work has been busy and on the home front, our not so little house is fast becoming bonafide. 

The other reason why we've been super busy is because, we bought a second hand car a few weeks back! You know, there are more things to do when you can get somewhere easily. We got a 2000 Subaru Outback, it's been kept in pristine condition and has been very good so far. Aaron has enjoyed driving a manual again.

With our new old car, we don't need to rent any more and we can go visit our house whenever we want!

 Also, we could get to all those lovely farmers market that has always been a bit out of our way:
Local tomatoes in our new Polish pottery bowl bought from Portland.

Aaron and I went to Mernda for breakfast and went to this home stead cafe a few minutes from our new place, on the way, we saw a court/mob/troop of kangaroos, just chillaxing in the rain. I even saw a mum kangaroo bouncing around with her joey in her pouch! Amazing! It's so cool to think that we can see such wildlife in our backyard! 

Two beans and a farm has a gorgeous setting, with suburbia encroaching on its door steps, it transports diners to a warm and characteristically charming place. 

 Two beans and a farm not only serves breakfast, lunch and tapas for dinner, in the summer, children can pick fruits on its land.

Speaking of home, here's what ours look like now!!
The kitchen! The carpenter is coming in this week to put in all doors, skirting, the stone counter top for our kitchen and other fixtures. I can't believe it's only been 5 weeks since slab pour!

I will miss seeing all the beautiful shop facades of Camberwell.

In other news, I found ebay:

And bought a SHANGHAI TANG cheong sam and it fits like a glove! I can see why people wear silk cheong sams, they're absolutely comfortable.

Also, for you international shopperes, Jcrew is giving away free DHL shipping until December if you sign up to be a member. I got this awesome gingham shirt and a pair of shorts for the upcoming summer.

I've been getting the creative hankering again. I've started doing different knots. Watch this space....

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charinthecity said...

Wow, your house is coming along at a roaring pace, that's fabulous and so exciting! Love your cheongsam too, they are so glamorous aren't they?