Sunday, September 02, 2012

First Spring Weekend

They weren't kidding when Spring had arrived. Melbourne gave us lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures over the weekend and this was such a refreshing sight! However, along with sunshine, rain is also forecasted for the entire week. Urgh. Spring rain!

On Saturday, we went to get supplies for my new projects. I had decided that I would make the majority of my Christmas presents this year. So I went to the material shop and got materials for myself, my nephew and niece and my sister. When I saw this feather material, I knew I had to make it into a top. I'm going to take that material and make the top from a Japanese sewing book I bought last year.
I also bought some yarn for a new knitting project which I'm following on my iPad. The iPad is so SO awesome for following knitting instructions. No more mass printing or looking up on a chunky laptop.
I have already knitted and dismantled 3 times, I kidded myself that I did not need stitch markers. HA!

On Sunday, with a high of 19C, we decided to have a little road trip to Mornington Peninsula. 
We took our trusty Subaru and headed south to the coast. It was a short drive, around an hour or so and we got to the coast. Aaron and I love spending time around rockpools and looking at what's living in this awesome tidal pools.
A closed up anemone. It looks so awesome.

The rocks covered in slippery refreshingly green seaweed.

We put the closed anemones in a rockpool
And watched it open up.

Warmer weather is perfect for orange shorts!

A gorgeous starfish with crazy patterns and colours


 Then for lunch, we headed to Stillwaters at the Crittenden vineyard for a three course meal.

Half a dozen oysters each
Utterly delicious aged beef with lentils, celeriac mash and shallots.

My dessert of honeycomb, strawberries, meringue and chocolate mouse.

Aaron's chocolate torte with pistachio ice cream.

What a gorgeous weekend!

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Mmm...sounds like such a relaxing time since Hawaii, eh?
Have to look up how to process and eat your own harvested seaweed.