Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Nest is nearly done

Yesterday, I started hauling cardboard boxes back home from work. We all know science boxes are the best for packing. They're always a good size, clean and sturdy. We are starting to pack because, our nest is actually very close to hand over. Everything inside the house is now finished and all that is left to do is pour the driveway, finish the rest of the facade render, put in water tank, air con and other outside fixtures. Eeeep! The one thing that is on our forefront of our research right now is landscaping. The front landscaping has to be done within the first six months of moving in and since we have a wee slope, we need retaining walls at the front. For now, we're thinking of doing this ourselves. I'll count it as my exercise.

So you will have to excuse me for all the flora inspiration photos, followed by some pinning of lovely things:

White Wisteria, how gorgeous. My mum has golden chains and it's the talk of Spring!

Cascading Donkey tail succulents, um hello, coolest thing EVER.

I'm loving the colour palette of this garden. I think it would work well for Australia.

Blushing hollyhocks, just breathtaking.

Swedish Hasbeens- Large shoulder bag. So unique.
Rare Specimens earrings. Candy for your ears.
And how cool is this braid?!!!

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It's the exciting time, planning your garden. I hope I can get over there to help out sometime.