Sunday, January 20, 2013

First cold of the year

Oh boy.
Day 4 and I'm feeling a bit better but am thinking my immune system must not be what it's used to be!
The worst thing about being sick? Not being able to taste anything. Ooooo, torture.
Especially when I've been making some simple but what should be very delicious things.

It was crazy hot the other day and my throat hurt, so I made a plum and nectarine granita.
No one told me how hard it was. I would have made this sooner.

River Cottage's corn recipe: almond, chili, garlic, butter and bits of jalepeno.

And summers are not complete without vietnamese paper rolls. So easy and refreshing.
Eggs, vermicelli, lebanese cucumber, prawns and mint.

Served with Belanchan Kang Kung. How lucky are we in Melbourne to get Kang Kung.

 My airplant has started blooming purple flowers.
They are amazingggg!

 Boston fern is turning a bit yellow, I think I must have over watered them.
They were a bit water logged.

And in between naps, a baby turbin hat was created.

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thisgoodhearth said...

Ohhh....the plants must be liking your new home! Food looks so delish! and you have convinced me to try the air plant! The flower looks so pretty!