Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Recent Pins

How romantic is this sheer bra? 
Delicate wash...

I'm pretty sure I heard you gush when you saw this baby.
This is my current project to use up my left over cashmerino yarn, a baby turban hat!

Cute airplant holders

Something perrrrrfect for the plane, a weekender bag that won't break the bank.

A solid piece of wood for the entire length of the room for a headpiece. 
Gorgeous, I can't wait till our bedroom suite arrive.

A backyard pool made to look way more nature, it's so inviting.

And lastly, just as I did last year when I turned 30; I bought myself another ring.
This time, a hexagon ring from Gabriela Artigas.

1 comment:

thisgoodhearth said...

Love all the pins, except I don't know about the pool. It may invite other slithery creaturs other than humans:(