Saturday, June 29, 2013


30th June came by so very quickly that it almost seems like time has stood still, now that Aaron has left. Early this morning, I drove (YES I KNOW, HUGE DEAL) Aaron to the airport and dropped him off. Those would be the last hugs and kisses I'll be getting for a while.
The upside of not having Aaron here, means that I could focus on my crafts and a certain project with my Mum without feeling guilty. I don't know what it is but when I came home and after I cleaned and went grocery shopping, it was only 10am. What?! Time slowed down? How is this possible? How is it when Aaron is here, the dial on that clock just whizzed by.... even when we didn't have anything to do!

Hopefully, the time will pass by faster.

I did, however, get to finish a new born cable hat that I started a few days ago. I wanted to use up the 3/4 skein of yarn sitting in my basket. I'm trying to make a point of not buying new yarn for new projects but to find projects to use up my old yarn.

This was such an easy knit and was a really easy pattern to get a hang of. I was kinda intimidated by cabling but it's quite addictive!

 In other news, friends at work decided to do art projects which breaks up the monotony of weekday nights. We were all given canvases and acrylic paints, along with a theme: animals personified.
We were given 2.5 weeks to complete this task and today we sent images of our paintings to each other.
It's actually so much fun, the entire process from thinking what animal to do, what they would wear and the anticipation of seeing what others have done!

I have always wanted a painting of a flamingo so I dressed mine up as Cleopatra:

 It's living in the craft room right now.


charinthecity said...

That's a seriously glamorous flamingo, love it! You are great at cabling, too. Hope the time apart goes by swiftly and happily. xxx

thisgoodhearth said...

Before I saw the painting, I couldn't think of how a flamongo could look like Cleopatra. Now I know!
I find that whenever UJ is out of town, the house remains spotless for weeks and I could get a lot more done.
Then, after the 4th day, everything just goes slow mo and that's when I want him to come back.