Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Losing faith in people

This post brings me so much sadness, anger and in the end a bit of a smile to my face.
Every now and then I propagate my succulents to have backups and what not. I potted these together for the first time and put them out by the front door to get some morning sun. I was just experimenting how the morning sun would be on my succulents. Results? THE BEST. Look at them:
That flapjack and iceplant, just adored the morning sun. They grew and flowered and became so beautifully red for me.
Then on Saturday, I walked out to take a look at them and saw that..

Who walks by and goes, oh wow, that's pretty. I SHALL HAVE IT!
I mean, knock on the door, ask me if you could have cuttings. I would have been more than happy to give some to you!

I am so angered and I feel so betrayed by my neighbourhood, that something so awful could happen. The person who took my plants, CAN NOT be a real gardener. Real gardener appreciates and respects beautiful plants and not selfishly take them away.
I was just so anguished by this.

Aaron soothed my anger by giving me two servings of ginger wine then we walked around the neighbourhood, being suspicious of everyone. We walked around with our eyes narrowed going "was it you? was it YOU?! OR YOU!?"

We have concluded, that they must be bogans.
Aaron's convinced its the partygoers from across the street.
I beg to differ. 

Anyways, Sunday was much anticipated. Aaron has been looking forward to the once a year opening of Triffid Park to the public. It's a carnivorous show people.
A BIG DEAL in this house hold.

We were the first one there.
Look at this guy with his first pickings. He is like me at a yarn store, except this is way cheaper.

Different varieties of venus fly traps. We purchased this red one.

A sea of pitcher plants. It was so beautiful.

We bought some white headed pitcher plants, they're so striking!

I've never seen that look before.

This is where the money's at... pitchers.

Then like any respected 30 year olds, we spent the rest of our sunday at a place called POT GALORE. We wanted to replace our stolen pots. At Pot Galore, they had a scape which I liked very much. It's low maintenance and gorgeous.

Aaron's convinced this pot doesn't make him look fat.

We can home with this lot.

And a massive pitcher plant for his Christmas present.

I picked out these pygmy sundews. Aren't they cool?

Aaron bought me a huge planter in my favourite colour with new succulents. Dusty mauve succulents and a donkey tail!

These are staying in the back for a while....


Jess said...

That is so sad Tiff :( hopefully your replacements flourish! xx

thisgoodhearth said...

Those new ones are so pretty!
You should put up a placard in your front yard that reads, " Thieves stole our plants! ! Beware !"

teresa said...

Blecch that's so awful! But glad you got some nifty new ones.