Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to: Make a scroll

Finding a lovely print is awesome but not when:
1) The print is an irregular size
2) The frame costs just as or more than the print itself.

Sometimes, having artwork in your house can add up the costs very quickly.

We have two prints which fit both of the above situations so I decided to have them hanging as scrolls.
I know it is not ideal for the protection of the prints but at $25 a print, it's not too much of a heart ache.

It is super simple.

Measure the width of your print and add 2cm to each side on the light weight wood bars.
Mark these off. You will need a total of four per print: two on the top to sandwich and two on the bottom.

Make your cuts.

Now line up your print sandwiched between the two bars. Clamp them in place when you have them inside the marked line. Make two pilot holes on each side within the 2cm space. In the middle.

*The drill holes are for the back of the print so when you screw the screws in , you won't be able to see the screws."

Unclamp the two bars. Have a line or cord of your choice. Measure how low or high you want it hanging and sandwich it between your bars. Reclamp and *MAKE SURE YOUR PRINT IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY* screw timber screws into the pilot holes of the back of the print!
 Repeat for the bottom.
I suggest adding an extra screw in the middle to make a proper sandwich.

A simple nail into the wall is all it takes to finally hang it up!

Our Seattle print that we just could not find a frame for... until now.

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