Monday, December 07, 2009

A nice change of pace

I would say that 95% of my necklaces are made at night because of my full time 9-5 job. Now that I'm not working anymore (until Jan anyways), it is refreshing to crochet in the sunshine, to have orders out the same day and enjoy the different pace of a day. Day time TV has little redeeming feature and it's great to turn it off and have sunshine and music fill the room.

The last process of making Muntedkowhai necklaces, in the sunshine is a rarity.

Aaron called last night, 2 more sleeps till NZ and he has gotten himself a much needed haircut and 4 dress shirts. The boyfriend is a very practical person and claims he knows nothing about fashion. Due to his work (he's a surveyor), his attire consists of tshirts and knee length shorts and steel toed shoes. Since we started dating, we have gone on very very few shopping sprees with each other (even when we lived in the same city). We're not huge shopping people and I am weird, I prefer to shop alone or with my sister. I have gone with him to shop for a suit for my sisters wedding. We spent the entire day, trying on, walking to and fro from a few different shops until he found the perfect one. We're so different in our shopping style. I know what I want from the gecko and I go into shops looking for it, often ending up disappointed. The other way I mostly buy clothes is just being awe struck and I must must have it! I'm curious to see what he buys when I'm not there. I have bought my clothes before and they're always very safe and he seems to wear them.

Do you dress your man? I mean, I don't want to dress him up as someone he's not and I totally dont' want him to go all metrosexual on me. It must be a slow transition from tshirt and shorts to casual adult everyday wear.


love, S said...

Mmm I face a similar problem. Mine knows what he likes when he sees it where as I get emotionally attached to items of clothing/shoes/accessories and MUST have it. I don't dress him and I feel reluctant to tell him what to wear...

Genie said...

"I know what I want for the gecko"

Will you please introduce us to this magical gecko?