Saturday, December 26, 2009

oh baby

I woke up to a cooked breakfast today. The sun was streaming in quite adamantly while we sipped our coffee. After breakfast, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood with my mum. Brisk morning walks are great, I especially enjoy them in the fall/winter. There is nothing better than feeling your cold icy ears warm up when you get back to the house. I will miss walking with mum.

We spent 2 hours at Babies'R'US. 2 hours of looking, testing, folding and poking at different car seats, strollers and changing tables. Oh boy, I've had my fill of baby products for the year. I do however, like the combination of mustard and grey:

After the 2 hour power shopping, Val, Mum and I went to have lunch at Pho Van. It used to be good but now its meh. For some reason, after having noodles at Pho Van, I always get really thirsty from the seasoning.

One of us is pregnant

oh and I know I'm not supposed to be buying anything for myself, especially with the move but....
in the spirit of injecting colours into my wardrobe, I had to buy this lovely skirt from Anthropologie. It was on sale!

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I love the mustard and grey.