Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feeling girly

Not having to work gives me more time to pay attention to myself. This means more girly rituals like curling my lashes and putting on mascara and painting my nails. My cuticles were in such a sad state and with my habit of biting my nails, it wasn't a pretty picture. I picked up some cuticle cream and a new shade. Mushroom!!
I also curled my lashes with the shu uemura curler (perfect for asian eyes) and the fiberwig mascara:
It makes such a difference to the shape of your eyes, I wanted to show you:

My right eye lashes curled and mascaraed and my left eye;not.
Opens up the eye alot eh.

When both eyes are done, it looks totally different.

I've finished an entire wholesale order today and it feels so good!


GemmaJoy said...

Certainly makes a difference!!! Make sure you stock up on makeup before you leave. I bought mascara for about $5 in the states, when I got to Australia the same mascara cost just under $20. I was shocked!!

teresa said...

I like to think of my lashes curled and uncurled as "ooh la la" and "wah wah" (sad trombone noise). Makes such a difference. It's just too bad I can't be bothered most days...