Monday, December 28, 2009

A slower pace

I'm starting to pack and by that I mean, sort out clothes I want to take with me and putting them in a "summer" and "winter" pile. Aside from clothes, I have no intention of bringing anything else. I have set up an Australian bank account and the next big thing is to sell my car and the ongoing search for a flat in Melbourne. Quite big tasks. These days, I take time to slow down the pace a bit. This is what I saw on my morning walk today:

This made me smile. This was written outside a house displaying lots of University of Oregon flags. Uni of Oregon's logo is a duck. Someone had gone and wrote DUCKS SUCK when the pavement got repaved. Ha ha ha!

I had a simple lunch

Home made dumplings


charinthecity said...

Hello! Have been following your flat hunting with interest... it's the last two weeks in the UK for us too before heading to NZ. A bit scary as neither of us have jobs yet, but playing a lot of it by ear. Best of luck for everything.
We'll be in Melbourne on the 17-19th of Jan then heading to Chch.


Hello Lindello said...

Ducks suck. Thats funny.

Those dumpling look yummy!