Thursday, January 14, 2010

I promise, last of baby photos

It was my last day with the new family and I spent it giving my nephew oodles of cuddles and just admiring the miracle that is the creation of a baby. During the past week, my respect and admiration for my sister has grown leaps and bounds. I'm so proud of her. She is so brave and I only hope that I could be half as brave as she was. She is my little sister and growing up, I always thought I had more to offer her than she me. I've learnt, especially in the last few years, that this is not true. Her world of knowledge extends beyond mine and I look up to her in so many ways. I don't enjoy being emotional and always revert to comedic relief, so I don't get to say my true feelings as often as I'd like but Val, my dear sister, I love your strength and your strong sense of motherhood. I love you.

Here are photos we took today:

I take care of Benton while his mummy and daddy gets ready for his first doc appt.

This is what Benton would look like with long black hair. (mine)

I love holding him. He sleeps so easily.

Kisses on the forehead for benton

Leben wants to say hi to his little brother. You have to keep on telling him "be gentle leben"

cute enough to eat

Benton with his grandma and aunt (meeeeeeeeeee)

oh I miss that sweet face already

meanwhile: 1 more day in Portland

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Anonymous said...

We miss you so much and thank you for that post. It means the world to me and can't wait till you come home for a visit. Benton misses you and says "I Love you."