Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Melbourne update

Tomorrow marks my one week since I've been in Melbourne, Australia! Time flies. It is super hot (although the locals think its not that hot but I disagree, 25C is hot) I have been told numerous times that I will also soon think 25C is cool. Luckily, my generous friend Andrew has offered to put me up at his place while I find my legs and look for a place of my own. This is easier said then done because the renter market in Melbourne is huge and competitive! Listing of apartments are taken off as soon as they're put on because people are so quick and desperate to get a place that I find it hard looking and inspecting now that I have started work. People dress up as they would for a job interview when they go inspect apartments which blows my mind because the first time I inspected, I was wearing my canvas shoes, white tshirt and blue jeans.

I've had some shocker inspections. The first one was in an old cordial factory turned apartment and the idea captured me. When the agent opened the door, I was instantly put off. There were no windows, whatsoever. Is that even legal? I don't know but I didn't like it. If anything, sunlight is a mandatory for my abode. Most definitely! Then yesterday, I inspected a place where the roof has fallen through. I'm not looking for dodgy cheap horrible places, I'm looking for average needs apartment. It was shocking. They wanted 320 australian dollars (very close to US dollar) a week for that place.

Fortunately, my friend Savindi (a high school friend from Auckland, NZ that I had not seen in over 10 years!) drove me around to all my inspection places which not only saved me time but offered a catch up and insight into apartment hunting. We headed to our 11am inspection and saw this:

This charming art deco apartment with polished wooden floors throughout with renovated appliances. The moment I stepped in, I knew it was for me. That and 20 other people who inspected it as well. I was the first to ask for an application form and filled it out right then and there, attaching copies of my passport, green card and job offer letter. I really really want this place! It is close to the city and is within our budget and has everything on my list. I can see ourselves living there. The trouble is, now I have to be picked to be the tenant. I'm competing with 20 other people. So please keep me in your prayers and finger crossings because I really want to live here and have a place of our own soon. SOON. This whole apartment hunting is stressing me out. It's really really nice of Andrew to house me indefinitely for free (and buy me coke, cook me dinner and hang my clothes out to dry!! I feel so bad!!) but I don't want to outstay my welcome. Besides, I hate living out of my suitcase and I can't wait to nest!

Aside from looking for flats, I'm enjoying taking the public transportation and walking to work. I'm kind of weird like that but getting on the train really soothes me. The pattern and routine makes me calm. It is bizarre and I'm attracted to the pace of the big city. I love Melbourne because even though it is a huge bustling city, injections of colonial style buildings dots the city. You're never far from a romantic looking building.

I pass this building while walking to the train station every morning.
I love the peak of green tiles.

The ceiling of Flinders St station

I didn't bring alot of jewelry with me but this garden locket from Bluemoss was a must.

One thing that I enjoy being back in this part of the world is:

C R U M P E T S !

Well, it is a sunny Sunday and after yesterday's busy flat inspections and night out on the town with my old friend Sumit and his fiance, I'm off to relax a bit and find more flats online just in case!

Airbed in Andrew's lounge for me!


Les said...
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Les said...

mmm those crumpets definitely look better than the ones at Trader Joe's... not that they're bad

(removed my last post because of a spelling error... didn't realize Blogger keeps score)

charinthecity said...

Dave likes NZ crumpets too, esp the ones you've photo'ed. Good luck, Tiff! We've just bought our car so hopefully everything else starts falling into place too.

Sara Sophia said...

Catching up on your life as I read your past posts----you are so busy, so swiftly dashing to spoon up the magic of life.

That apartment is darling, DARLING I say and I will be praying ever so hard that you can get it. The light will be so pretty streaming in through those windows<3 And yes, light is a must!

I loves you and promise to visit more often to see what you are up to. Keep having marvelous adventures<3

Sara Sophia

p.s. I have never had a crumpet:( Complete and utter tragedy.

GemmaJoy said...

Have you had crumpet toast yet? it is the bomb

Li Yi said...

It looks like a beautiful apartment. Hope you'll get it!

blue moss said...

so glad you are there and back online. i love your pics of melbourne. i have been watching the australian open...and thinking of you since it's in melbourne. it all looks so pretty and the weather looks fabulous!
glad you have a place to stay while you are looking :)
...and i'm glad the locket garden made the trip with you ....made me smile
take care girl!!

take 38 said...

Fingers are crossed for the flat...hope you get it!!! If you want, we can all call the landlord & tell him/her you deserve it most! :) Keep us posted.