Monday, January 25, 2010

Today I am 28

Today is my birthday. I've kept it on the down low at work and with friends. I don't like telling people that don't know or forgot, I just dislike the attention. Here is what I saw today:

Palm trees on the way to work

my favourite wall walking to work

A nearby fountain by work, lots of people lunch here

Work is lined with shady trees, it is very pleasant.

My friend Sumit asked if I wanted to have dinner with his friends at a Sichuan restaurant in South Yarra. Yum. Of course.

A hidden eye candy in South Yarra

Adore the colonial attention to buildings

This is what I wore today.


blue moss said...

happy, happy birthday!!!! i hope it was a fabulous day
you looked adorable on your birthday!!
(our birthdays are very close..mine is at the end of the week :)

Hello Lindello said...


wow, so much has happened in the last year huh? Your new surroundings look amazing! I said a little prayer for you today. I hope you get that apartment!

teresa said...

woohoo, happy birthday!

Ruhammie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm jealous of your new living location...warm, sun, palm trees!! So lucky! Hope your day was a fun one.