Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"See you later" dinner

I had a farewell dinner with my Portland friends last night at Beaker and Flask. ( I highly recommend the General Population drink with bourbon and the braise pork belly dish) Thank you for dinner you guys, even though I felt really bad because I said before that I wanted to pay my own portion. It just all means when you guys come down to visit me, you're not going to pay for meals! Ha ha! I'm slowly realising that I'm leaving a very comfortable circle and that is quite scary. I've known most of the crew for 10 years and that is crazy to think about. There is something about college friends that is truly nostalgic because you see each other phase out from the stereotype of college experiences into true adulthood: houses, pets, creating families. My friend Rachel is right, good friends are like old shoes. Here are my old shoes:

Kristi and Les (Les is a college friend)

Les and Andy (aka Manly. Part of the 3 butties buddies)

Andy and his wife Ikuyo

Ikuyo and I

Jeff and I. (Jeff and Les went to high school together)

Jeff and Matt (we all went to OSU together)

A group shot

Also, I would like to take a moment to say that my new favourite show is the Jersey Shore.
Fist pumpin allllll night long

doff doff doff doff


BuenoBueno said...

if you have friends that love you then i think you have succeeded in LIFE!
Looks like a warm bunch. Saying goodbye is bittersweet isn't it!

Hello Lindello said...

What great friends you have! I bet you will miss them dearly.

Laura said...

lovely little dinner! also, the jersey shore is MY new favorite. its so so so hilarious. the situation and snooki (snickers? schnookers?) are the best!