Monday, January 04, 2010

The Stress meter: HIGH

I've been so stress as of late that I'm experiencing stomach ulcer symptoms. It is not only painful but upsetting to my eating habits. It feels like there is an excess of stomach acid which induces alot of burping, which is gross but it didn't stop me from enjoying:

Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon

I spent today packing items that I could not fit into my two suitcases and would not need immediately. I then carried them to the post office and got an estimate for shipping to New Zealand. Oh boy. I have two boxes, each weighing 22 pounds and it would cost me $138/box. Eeep! Apparently USPS does not ship by freight and which is a bummer because I thought it would be cheaper to do so that way.
One luggage is for summer clothes, the other for winter clothes.

To numb my stress, Mum and I are traveling up to Whidbey Island to visit my sister as she prepares for her little one to be welcomed to the world. I can't wait to spend more time with Val. I will surely treasure the holiday time before my first day of work: 20th of Jan!

Val's facebook status today: Get this baby out of me!


Arianne and Sara Sophia said...
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Sara Sophia said... I've missed talking to you.

AND DOODE, did you MAKE that beef bourguignon?? You HAVE to share the recipe with me. I've always wanted to make it<3

I am so sorry for all your stress..BELIEVE me, I completely relate. Ulcers run in our family, passed from my Great-GrandDad, to my Mum, to me---and they are not fun. Drink tons of water and try really hard to relax. I know how miserable they can make you. Just keep plugging away to go see your sweetie and know that it will all right itself before you know it<3

Sara Sophia