Friday, February 12, 2010

Australia so far

* Dairies are called Milk bars here.
* Pies are not as yummy as NZ pies, sorry Australia.
* They have Bed, Bath and Table. A cousin of Bed, Bath and BEYOND?!
* They call Italian Parsley, Continental Parsley.
* Their beer is shit. I'm sorry aussies but, it is. I've been mega spoiled by Oregon brew.
* I had a Flight of the Concord moment when a guy from the appliance store asked me if I bought a fridge from Ikea. I said, "Yes, I did". He goes, " IT'S DEAD?! ALREADY?!"
Also, Grace laughed at me when I asked her " Will this fit in your car?" and she goes, its " FEAT, not fit!"
Also, here is pronounced " HEEYAR" and departure is " DEE PAR CHA". It's funny, makes my heart warm.
* I miss ranch.

Australia, so far, has been truly awesome. Now that I am a bit more settled, I have more time to enjoy the things around me. Plus, Aaron is visiting in April. He's moving in June after he has tied up things with his school. I can't wait. I even left him some space in the closet, just some.

Two semi hard boiled eggs+ dash of soy sauce+ white pepper=
traditional chinese breakfast for kids, me.

My new bed arrived today!

Dinner last night: Spaghetti ala cabonara

Technology nightmare, wires wires wires!
Thanks to Aaron for his Skype phone for my birthday.
(It acts as a landline phone and skype phone, so you can skype contacts and recieve skype calls without your computer!)

It's chinese new year tomorrow which means, it calls for something red. I bought this tea mug from a chinese grocery store.

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