Friday, February 12, 2010


Yay! It feels SO good to be online whenever I want (constantly). My bed is arriving today! (WOOHOO BED) and later tonight, I'm going to a chinese new year dinner with Andrew's gf and her family. It was really nice of her to invite me seeing how CNY is like Christmas for most chinese people and being alone for it, will royally suck.

At this point, I'd love to thank all the friends in Melbourne that has made me feel more at home. Huge huge thank you to Andrew, Grace, Sumit, Melinda and Sav.

I've also been out on some night outtings:

The act of balancing is quite an art after a few burbons

It was Erah's leaving party except she's not really leaving, shes going to be in Melbs doing her phd.

Melinda's bday dinner at the Crown. (Melinda is Sumit's fiance, Sumit and I are OSU friends)

Expect regular posting from now on!

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love, S said...

It's great to know you've settled in too :) I don't have a bed - ah so luxurious... but the flip-out-sofa-bed is way better than the air mattress! Agree? Yes.
CNY alone is going to suck for me... Post heaps of photos for me to be jealous of, yes?