Monday, February 22, 2010


I must confess, I think, this has been the hardest part of my long distance relationship with Aaron. The closer the physical distance, the harder this long distance relationship has been for me. I am not sure why. It may be a combination of things, such as: starting up all by myself (numerous times where I curse Aaron's name while lugging microwave home, putting Ikea furniture together etc), the knowledge that he is only 3 hours flight away and being so close to the end of the long distance relationship tunnel hurls me into this extra impatient person. Now that I am mostly settled and have time to think and everything is starting to sink in. I am away from my family support system, Oregon friends and I sink deeper and deeper into this cycle of living. I have lots of things to discover here in Melbourne but deep inside, I want to wait for Aaron and discover with him. Discoveries are more fun when they are shared with the ones you love.
How many times have I witness something amusing and wished Aaron was right beside me so I could turn to him and give him the eye brows. The, you know, did you see what I saw. Har har har.

I've seen alot of amusing things that is not huge to mention in phone calls or emails but would have loved to shared it with him in that moment. Perhaps that's the hardest part of being alone or single. Some things in this world are too great to be enjoyed by one person.


Margaret said...

"Perhaps that's the hardest part of being alone or single. Some things in this world are too great to be enjoyed by one person"

This is so true! I hope that you will continue to discover things, but once Aaron gets here I hope you discover even more!

charinthecity said...

I totally getcha. It's even hard settling into NZ together at the moment, with trying to coordinate jobs in the same city. I am glad that we've made the priority to stay together, we'll just have to be patient to make it work! good luck with Az coming over in Easter.

Mrs.French said...

oh sweet tiffany...i completely understand where you are coming from. k and i endured a long distance relationship before we were married and it was so flipping hard to not let the frustration get in the way. loving someone so much, is so hard sometimes! xo t