Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yesterday I bought a couch. I took the tram to Church St and made a visit to Suite Deals. Suite Deals (pun pun pun) sells ex display couches and other lounge furnitures at discounted prices. Since I can only afford so much room, I bought a 3 seater in some kind of calico material. I hope it is comfortable for a long time and not just when its new. Actually my sofa is not an ex display, someone just ordered too many of them so it was only 600 AUS.

Today, I woke up and slowly made my coffee and breakfast and slowly ate it while skyping with Tania (of Aroha Silhouettes). I've missed talking to her! Everytime we email and talk to each other, it seems to boost our Muntedkowhai/Aroha Silhouettes motivation! It's great to have someone who understands where you're coming from and the little tiny things only you thought you obsessed over. We talked for 2 hours! Time flew by so fast that I nearly forgot that I had to meet up with Portia downtown for a spot of lunch. Portia is a high school friend from NZ who was visiting Melbourne for a few days. I had not seen her for 15 years or so? It was great catching up.

Here's a few photos from my wanderings:

in an alley way off of Lonsdale St

The tram stop by my apartment

I'm all for buildings that are mustard

I bought a succulent.
Plants are good for the soul.

I bought these pair of shoes one day when I couldn't stand my heels.

I want to have a beer here one day, it's got ponies.

Why is this store never opened when I pass it? I want to go in!

Beer glasses thrifted, 50 cents each.

Mugs $1 each, thrifted

my baby


linnykins said...

That shop that's never open? Looks awesome. Even if chemistry was nowhere near my strong point in high school.

Aroha Silhouettes said...

I can't believe we talked for 2 hours either! Could have gone to 4 hours without noticing too!

Definitely one memorable skype call! Hahahaha