Saturday, February 20, 2010

Material things I want... need:

I only bought my Diesel boots, birkenstock sandals and my Bensimon canvas shoes with me to Melbourne. Since I work in a lab, I can only wear my boots or Bensimons. It's too too hot for knee boots and my Bensimons are wearing out. (The canvas is wearing thin and there's a hole!) I hopped over to Gravity Pope and low and behold... a sale! Buy one pair of shoes on sale get another sale item of lesser value, free!
Oh shoe gods, you are testing my budgeting aren't you. Seriously, though, here are my top contenders:

They don't have the last two in my size. boo hoo. I would have liked to purchased the last one but I am no size 6.

Also, the other week, I was browsing a few clothing stores on Chapel st and I saw this lovely dress:
I looked at the tag and saw that they sold on Etsy.
An Australian brand.
They specialize in illustration textile prints.
How charming is the fox.

Lately, I've been wearing a piece of jewelry that used to belong to my sister.
She never wore it, I took it.

It's a cylindrical metal necklace which comes apart in the middle to hold a chinese talisman.
I love it lots.

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blue moss said...

love everything you have pictured!!
you certainly need to get some new shoes....i will always say that!
off to see what gravity pope has in my size :)