Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Excuse me, while I make myself some mental notes:

Need to purchase: Kitchen trolley/small table to put microwave on. (to free counter space) Shift fridge over a bit, fit island between fridge and stove.
Toaster. More plates, glasses, bowls, mugs.

Want: Le Creuset dutch oven. Dining table and chairs. (not much point to get one when Aaron hasn't moved in yet)

Need to purchase: Couch (Aaron is buying that). Floor cushions (the thick comfy ones) and floor lamp.

Want: Art work.

Need to purchase: Own TV (Using Andrews', Aaron will buy TV), Muntedkowhai desk in the corner(will house modem and hide ugly cords!), chair.
(Jewelry organizers when Muntedkowhai gets going again)

Want: Venus fly trap, pitcher plants, Art work, a pink elephant watering can.

Need to purchase: More towels, bed sheets, floor fan, bedside table lamp.

Want: Art work

Need to purchase: Celery, other veges, good beers, tomato sauce, mustard, crumpets,

Want: chocolate cake, cheese cake, grapefruit juice, durian, blue cheese,mimosa,


linnykins said...

Hehe, mimosa. Reminds me of the plant back in Malaysia- it shrinks when you touch it!

Looks like it'll be a lovely, homely apartment once you're all settled in. I like the wooden floors, there's something about them I really like...

Hello Lindello said...

So much potential! Its going to look great.

take 38 said...

It's coming along, but I know you want everything NOW too. But there's so much fun in the gathering & nesting process. I like your thinking outloud blog post concept...I might have to borrow the idea.

GemmaJoy said...

I think I read somewhere that you lived in Oregon before Aus. Well in this months issue of Frankie there's a 2 page spread of photos from portland. Some of the pics would look great in a frame and on your wall.