Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today I was obessessing about how long my fringe (bangs) was. I desperately need a trim, my hair has grown very long and it needs a direction. So after dinner today, I got some kitchen scissors (i know, i know) and went to the bathroom and "trimmed" my fringe. I regret it ladies, oh I regret it.

Ever since I moved to Melbourne, I am blown over how much black city dwellers wear. Black is easy and easily professional (except when you ladies wear sneakers and flip flops with your suits, why is that?! gross!) Day in and day out, I'm surrounded by black, grey and more black. Don't get me wrong, half my wardrobe is black/grey but I guess it's just a huge contrast from Portland. Also it makes me feel unprofessional when I notice that I'm wearing non black colours on the train. There is no way I could dress up in a suit or anything fancy whilst working in the lab, it's just not practical. Your typical cancer researcher will be wearing jeans, slacks and some practical top. I try to find a happy medium:

Sweater: Just Jeans
Shorts: Jcrew

I'm thinking I need more of these shorts, its a great way to look a bit more put together in the summer heat without having to wear real pants. Actually scientists are restricted by the shoes they wear. No open toes but ballet flats are allowed which I've been told is going to be banned soon. A drop of acid onto feet wearing ballet flats could be disastrous.

Melbourne chicks are very fashionable.
It's crazy inspirations.
I love it.

Tonight I made chinese comfort food:
It's called " Gone Low Mein"
Literally means dry mixing noodles.
These are home made noodles with cuttlefish balls, green onions, sesame oil, oyster sauce, white pepper and chilli sauce.

Things I'm looking forward to:

Buying my imac this weekend!!!!!!!!
Aaron arrives in Melbourne in 41 days!!!!!!


blue moss said...

ohhh....the kitchen scissors....starts out as such a good idea...
you look adorable

Laura said...

I remember how fashionable all the women of australia were. it was like watching a runway show-so crazy! they are really inspirational :) hope youre having a blast

Elia said...

Oh no...sorry to hear about your bangs. We all have try that at one time or another. :)

Super cute sweater and I love your dishes too! Glad things are going well in Melbourne and love your updates!!