Friday, February 05, 2010


Oh blogposts without photos are so dreadfully boring. I'm sorry.
I'm at a net cafe looking up furniture and appliance places I can hit to buy a washing machine and a sofa. I bought a fridge and bed this week!
I've finally moved into my place thanks to Andrew and his girlfriend for helping me haul my two suitcases and then some. I have since ventured to Ikea and assembled three pieces of furniture; a metal locker tv stand, a white coffee table and a white bedside table. The metal stand was the hardest because that night, it was 29C and I had misread the pictorial instructions. The war was long and hard but after a bit of warped metal, I won. Oh Ikea, I don't bake well, how do you expect me to follow instructions for furniture making?

I'm slowing making this place my home which is an exciting and soothing thought. My fridge arrives Monday (which I am taking off because delivery time is such a long range) and from there, I can start cooking!!

No more take outs, it has been horrible to my eating habit these past 2 weeks. Eating out all the time and its expensive!

I miss internet alot. booo booo booo.

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renata said...

hey just wait a couple of hours and it will be cold again! Melb is notorious for its change in temp in one day! good luck with the flat hunting, i used to live in st kilda which was great, loved the ackland st cake shop, and tram into the city in 10mins no prob. If you have a laptop just go with an optus wireless plan you be sorted, im with telstra cause i cant get optus where i live- which is a shame, anyway melb is a fab city, enjoy.