Sunday, February 07, 2010

Making my new home

My two essentials arrived today: fridge and washing machine. It's hard to make a place your own without a fridge. Without a fridge, you can't get perishable food, without food, you don';t really need dishes etc. I decided to thrift my plates, glasses and other things that can wait and not needed immediately. I live a few tram stops away from Chapel Street which is akin to Hawthorn in Portland but way better. I got these for $6 AUS
I spent the first two nights putting IKEA furniture together. IKEA furniture requires people who can follow instructions, which I am not capable of doing apparently because if you look closely the metal part of the tv cabinet is a bit warped. IKEA furnitures are like really expensive puzzles. Here's a tactile look at my new place:

oh and look:
a fridge!

My place have domed doors, like a gnome's house.


tinypaperheart said...

love your white metal cabinet/table and your arched doorways! :)

GemmaJoy said...

Your place is very cute. I love it!! What suburb are you in? I used to live walking distance to that ikea.

Bake your cake and eat it too said...

Sweet place Tiff! I likes the fridge! You got a tv too????? Makes me want to go furniture shopping!

Hello Lindello said...

I have the duvet cover too!

I love those doors. Your place looks awesome! Congrats.

charinthecity said...

Oh so cute!! Love your blue dress by the way, it is awesome.

Laura said...

very cute! i have that ikea bedding! by the way, i passed your jewelry website to my new fave online store and think you'd be a great addition! good luck in melbourne!!

Nuts To You! said...

I'm jealous...we just got almost two feet of snow Saturday and we are about to get another foot between today and tomorrow....and there you are in your sundress.

Your place looks really cute! I love the arched doorways!

K said...

This looks great! I love the floor, the doors...really cool.

take 38 said...

YAY...congratulations on getting settled in! Keep the pics coming--it's fun to see you pull it together.

PS: cute dress (at the fridge)!