Friday, March 19, 2010

I wish i was in England, so I could

attend the Victoria and Albert exhibition, where over 400 items from Victoria's reign are on display. (Such as this marvelous costume Queen Victoria wore to the Stuart Ball) What artwork those royals wore.

I'm a huge history whore, specifically the Tudors, WW2 and European and American colonial topics. I just finished "The last days of Henry VIII" by Robert Hutchinson which skims over the great king's matters but puts into detail his last few years. By the end of the book, I felt sorry for Henry for his end came so slowly and surely that there was no room to doubt his imperial doom.

Some facts:

Will Somer, the King's fool (ie jester) seemed like the only one that escaped the bipolar personality of the King. He was able to tell the King the truth, comment on things his other subjects feared to, without getting reprimanded. You will see him in the 3rd season of The Tudors.

Henry VIII planned a magnificent memorial for himself that started a year after he was crowned. However, this never came to be. Supplies were bought, black marble and even parts of the memorial were sculptured by many Italian artist. After his death, turmoil ruled England and this task of finishing the memorial was put on hold for a hundred years by which his marble and statues were sold, as far as Germany and even his tomb does not contain his body but was used for Admiral Nelson. So poor Henry got a plague shared with his good queen Jane Seymour and Charles I (The one that lost his head) and an unborn child of Princess Anne.

Thomas Seymour, who married King Henry's 6th wife one month after Henry died was found waking princess Elizabeth up in the morning by pouncing on the bed and tickling her. Sometimes giving the girl a gently pat on the buttocks!


Linda Fahey said...

I read that book. I'm all over English History - I just started a book written by Bill Bryson about Shakespeare - so far, pretty light but not bad. I have yet another book at 1066 in the queue and all the while re-reading a book about Elizabeth I. I am going to London soon for work - may have to find a way to sneak this in. thanks for the post!!! said...

When Will Somer appeared at the end of the Tudors, I thought he was an apparition of Henry's, just because he had the gall to tell the King what was on his mind and Henry didn't had him executed.
In Henry's case, One Reaps What One Sows.

Munted kowhai said...

@linda: there's something incredibly pulling about that era that has me all wrapped up. you're so lucky, take lots of photos if you do go to the exhibit!
@mum: i too also thought it was an apparition of henrys. this book was really interesting. if you want to read it, i'll send it over to you!