Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inspiration needed

I started experimenting with a new concept for Muntedkowhai yesterday and after a few hours, realised that the vision in my head could not be translated into a real physical representation. It made me really sad because I've been harboring the idea for a few months now and only had time to test it out recently. Now I feel lost. I will go back to square one and just start crocheting until I come across a mistake that inspires me.

Meanwhile, to save money, I have not been exploring Melbourne because I really need to get rid of this credit card debt. I've never spent money on my credit card that I did not have in my savings. It's a bit scary! Finances are always a personal thing but I can't imagine being in 1ok worth of debt. That must feel horrendous. What's more horrendous, how easy it is to just "put it on the card."

Wandering around town is free though. I wandered around Chapel St today without my wallet. It is a good idea.

Summer, are you going away for a while?

um I want to live in this bulding and have beers on that awesome balcony!

Working on both my apples. My ibook is 6 years old, look at the screen difference.
(I have my photoshop, illustrator on my laptop so I have to work between the two)

I so very much want this couch. It is so girly and awesome. I hear pink is Aaron's 74th favourite colour which is great because that's top 100!!

In the same shop, lighting!
This shop was HUGE and I wanted to wander more but I had perishables in my bag.

Framed my maps. Now to hang them up...

A girl with balloons this morning.

Easily, my favourite summer dress.

4 comments: said...

the couch may be a little bit uncomfortable.

Hello Lindello said...

That couch is soooooo goodlooking.

I know what you mean about not being able to make your visions a reality. I come up with some creative ideas, but sometimes they cannot be made tangible! What usually inspires me is flipping through art books, vintage magazines, and of course blogs. Good luck hun!

Anonymous said...

I loveeeee that dress! Where'd you get it?

Munted kowhai said...

@val: i got my dress from Esprit in HK, a long along time ago.