Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I did last night

Last night, I was restless. Perhaps it was the weather or perhaps it was that very expensive lunch that was sitting in my tummy. (We went to this Spanish restaurant, Modiva for a farewell lunch that ended up $125 a head. Think a few bottles of wine) Anyways, I decided to tackle my Shop Info pages. All the mandatory boring stuff. I'm not a html person at all and the fact that I could not adjust my bigcartel pages without it, was bugging me. Then I thought, Blogger does html for me whenever I make a post. Perhaps I could type up what I want, the way I want it (colours, font etc) and just past the html blogger translates and put it into bigcartel html pages. It worked. It's so easy that I'm going to show you how.

It will work with anything that you want to do in html, be it bigcartel or other sites that you can modify with html. It even works with photos and links, basically anything you can do in blogger, it will html it for you.

1) Type what you want , how you want it in COMPOSE blogger:

Hello Gorgeous
I have blisters!
(I do, those new shoes are a wrong size for me!)

2) Click on EDIT HTML tab and you'll see the html written out for you:

3) Copy the entire text and insert it into the page you want, for me this was one of the extra pages for BIG CARTEL:

4) Save and take a gander for yourself:

It's that easy. Super easy!

Here are the pages I modified last night:
Blog, News, Shop Information

I've kept everything pretty low key to go with the flow of the rest of the pages and my impending website. (I know, its been a long time coming!) You can, of course jazz it way more than I did.

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