Friday, May 28, 2010

Clever Nettle

It's been a long time since I fell in love with a blog. A blog that has a beautiful balance between inspiration and snippets of personal life. Thanks to my cousin Charlyne who introduced me to CleverNettle, via her blog Charinthecity.

Anja thrifts and sells her goodies on her Clevernettle etsy shop. She's another one of those admirable girls who pulls off that bold red lipstick so well. (jealous) Anja takes gorgeous photos and I've been sifting through her blog and being envious.

Take a quick gander and I'm sure you will add her to your google reader as fast as I did!


charinthecity said...

Anya inspired me to wear lipstick more often... surprising how something so simple can lift your mood (and your look!) Glad you like Clever Nettle too. said...

I Do DeClare!

anja louise said...

aw, thanks for this sweet post! :)