Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've been so sick of sandwiches for lunch at work. Now that it is cooler, I tend to want something warm. Enter the Quiche I made today. Mushroom, bacon and onion. Sundays are great. Sundays are filled with staying at home, making food and watching David Attenborough's Life series, taking naps with mask on and skyping with family.

Saturday was kind of a crap shoot. I was going to do more than I did. Instead, my cousin and I bought and carried home this:
A new ikea addition to my kitchen. The microwave finally has its own home, freeing up a huge part of my counter. Nesting makes me feel good. It grounds me for some reason. Now back to some Muntedkowhai before my sunday runs out.

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charinthecity said...

Looks great! Homelier and homelier.