Friday, May 14, 2010


Now that the cold weather is upon us southern hemisphere folks, it is time to be adorn ourselves with tights. I've always been a huge fan of Hansel and Basel but at $40 a pair, I could hardly justify it. Now Anthropologie is very silently having a sale on H&B tights for... $4 dollars. YES.
I just bought these two:

The Catch? You won't see these unless you go into the USA section of Anthropologie. (Nor will you see the Sale section if you're on the International site... BOO!) I'm having it sent to my mother in Oregon who has something to send to me anyways, so it will be great. It appears, you can't buy these if you're on the International site. Which is a bit annoying, however, they probably would charge you 60x the cost of your item for shipping.

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love, S said...

$4 tights? Jealous! But I'm totally stoked you're blogging from the Southern Hemisphere now :P Your trip to Christchurch sounded awesome-balls! Yay for boyfriends and morning kisses <3