Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet tooth

I had been hankering for a cheesecake for a few weeks now and today, I got off my bum and made one. (Thanks to my sister Val who gave me the super easy , super yummy recipe!) Friday night, I finished the couch blanket and it is super warm. It is rather big and can cover two people, two TV watching cuddling persons. Here is a photo of the blanket on my bed for size comparison:

It's over half the size of the bed

large stitches

I found this in my boxes over in Christchurch.

The final product!

I don't know where the time went and I have dedicated no time to Muntedkowhai since I have moved to Melbourne. I need to rectify this! Tonight, I'm going to sit down and finish drawing up a draft of designs for my next collection. My weekend has been taken up, very easily by skyping with my mum, sister and baby and aaron, cleaning, laundry, sleeping in, eating, making food, buying groceries and then the entire weekend is gone. Ah tis life. Now it is time to make time for Muntedkowhai.

3 comments: said...

NOw you know what my life is like!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Tiff! Good job on the cheesecake and the blankie looks SO comfy!

Hello Lindello said...

Your blanket looks so cozy and nice!