Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently, I've been letting the photographs do the talking but that's only a teeny portion of what has been going on with me. Here are some highlights:

1) I'm debt freee! As of yesterday, I submitted my last payment on my credit card! It's been quite an expensive move to Australia and even though I've saved up quite a bit, I still needed more for setting up. It hasn't been terribly hard to pay back my credit card, mainly because I have a pretty good job but now I can actually start saving! It feels great!!

2) My ibook G4 is finally dead. The other night, I went to switch it on and it kept on telling me to restart the computer. It's the only screen I get. I guess it's had its fill, I bought it back in 2005. I'm so glad I bought my imac! (Which I absolutely adore)

3) Work is actually coming along and for some reason, the previous experiments that I thought did not work, did work. Yes, scratch your head at that. I went through the old records and saw that it worked, how did I miss that? In any case, I think I've sorted out what I need to do to get it going right. Fingers cross. It always feels great that something is going right at a place you spend 8 hours or more a day at.

4) Am looking forward to a good friend of mine coming to Melbourne for a long weekend. I knew Anna from when I did my masters in NZ, we have lots of silly blonde moments together. (We love eating) I can't wait to take her around the city, cook, have wine and do facials at home together!

5) Have been sketching new designs for Muntedkowhai. Have an idea what half of the collection will look like. Remind self: buy pencil sharpener and a drawing book of some sort. Loose paper is not ideal.

6) I have decided to bring my powershot in my bag where ever I go. I see too many awesome things to not capture it.


tinypaperheart said...

wow! congrats on being debt free! that's major! :)

take 38 said...

Yes, double congrats on being debt-free!!! Way to go!

Sorry about your G4. But that means you can splurge on a newfangled one!

Yay for new Munted designs...look forward to seeing some new creations!