Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forgotten photos

Somehow I have a picasa account and somehow all my photos are lodged there. (Through blogger perhaps?) Anyways, I had a good meander through them. Brought back alot of memories. Actually, they're not too old (minus one):

fuzzy aaron and i in 2008

Aaron, freshed across the Canadian border and being a beaver

90s throwback! Haha, oh the flannels, the baseball caps and silly gangsta gestures
(that's me, my sister and a sleepy cousin Samuel!)

Largest shopping bag ever
HK 2007

My Yee Yee

(this photo is funny and so ironic, she was a huge eater)


i think it's time to get a shoe rack....

bottle opener earring on my left ear

1 comment:

linnykins said...

I love stumbling upon forgotten photos! Shows how much (or how little) has changed :) I like the first photo, the blurry one.

And the bottle opener earrings, how cool!